Working with modern data: A crash course for teachers
For this day-long workshop, we will focus on increasing teacher confidence with incorporating modern data within the teaching of the current statistics curriculum while having fun at the same time!

We’ll consider some guiding principles for creating data sets for different types of statistical investigations and explore some methods for getting modern data, including: working with APIs, querying databases, using geocoding, getting data from sensors and creating data sets from online information.

If you attended our one-hour workshop at the recent Statistics Teachers' Day, we'll cover the same activities as well as new ones, but with more time to really explore key skills and knowledge. Our goal for the day is that everyone leaves with at least one new data set that they created (even more if we share!) and has set up one device-connected API that will collect data ready for next year :-)

When and where is the workshop?
The workshop will be held on Friday 15th December at the University of Auckland, from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

We'll meet in room B09 which is on the basement floor of Science building 303 (the building on the corner of Wellesley Street and Princes Street).

The day will be made up of three 90-minute learning blocks, with breaks in between for food, COFFEE (or your preferred drink) and discussion.

This workshop is free but not funded, so you will need to buy your own food and coffee during these breaks or bring items from home.

The University is well connected to major bus routes, but if you need to drive, parking information is available here:

What kinds of things will we cover in the workshop?
We'll focus on a set of skills that will help you access and use modern data.

These include:
- manipulating tables using spreadsheets to get the correct data structure
- setting up “applets” to run using existing API platforms
- using APIs to access data from social media
- exploiting patterns in URL strings
- merging different data sets together
- scraping data from webpages by using HTML patterns

Who is running the workshop?
Anna Fergusson and Liza Bolton :-)

Anna has just started her PhD in statistics and data science education, focusing on integrating data science with the NZ statistics curriculum. She has been teaching statistics at the University of Auckland since 2015, and before this was HOD mathematics and statistics at Avondale College.

Liza is also working on a PhD in statistics, focusing on social and economic patterns and mortality, with a special interest in ethnic disparities. To distract herself from her PhD she has taught the large introductory statistics course at the University of Auckland, short courses of a similar nature, and also has a statistics consulting company called The Data Embassy.

What do you need for the workshop?
Bring along a WiFi-enabled device with a decent screen size, preferably a laptop, so you can fully participate in the learning tasks!

You will also login details for your Facebook account. Alternatively, you could create a dummy account. For example, Anna has one called which she uses for fun data-related activities :-)

We'll also be using a lot of Google applications, so please have the Google Chrome browser installed on your laptop and a Gmail account you can use.

Keen to come along to the workshop?
Then complete your details below so we know to expect you and can also email you if we need to let you know any other information before the workshop. Feel free to share this workshop information and registration form with other teachers who you think might be interested.

Anna & Liza

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