Help us document current events for future generations!

We want to document how the pandemic has impacted the daily lives of the Chagrin Falls community. We invite you to share with us your pictures, videos, diaries, letters, art projects and anything else that illustrates how your life has been impacted by COVID-19. The stories and items we collect may be exhibited one day! This is a unique opportunity for you and your family to be a part of history!

To participate, answer the questions below then submit this form and any other media to Ruth Zeager at director@chagrinhistory.org. You can also drop off or mail written or printed materials to the Historical Society at 87 East Washington Street, Chagrin Falls.

Please feel free to answer all or some of the questions. If you need more space, or would like to respond beyond the questions below, you can mail to your other experiences to the Historical Society- PO Box 515, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022; or email to director@chagrinhistory.org.

By agreeing to donate your story, artwork, or pictures, it is understood that the purpose and intent of the gift is to transfer and assign all rights, title, and interest that you possess to the Chagrin Falls Historical Society & Museum. The Historical Society may make discretionary use of the donated materials to include, but not limited to, exhibition, display, publication, digitization for preservation and access purposes, and making materials available for research and scholarship. The Historical Society reserves the right to decline any submission inappropriate for the project.
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What was it like working from home?
What changes did you have to make to your routine? Grocery shopping, etc.?
Where did you primarily get your news from?
Did you or one of your household members get COVID-19? What was your experience?
How did you stay in good spirits while in quarantine?
What was your favorite tv show, movie, or music to listen to during the pandemic?
Did you start any new hobbies, perfect past hobbies, or adopt a new pet during quarantine?
How did you safely interact with others during quarantine?
Was it difficult to adhere to state and local guidelines?
What did you struggle with the most during the pandemic?
If you are a medical care worker, what was it like?
If you own or manage a business, how did the pandemic impact you?
If you had to continue working on-site, what changes were made in the office?
Did you lose your job due to the pandemic?
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How did you talk about the pandemic to your children?
How did you children react to being out of school? How did you manage homeschooling?
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