BRF Summer Volunteers
We are looking for volunteers that will join Baltic Regional fund this summer for 2 months in Riga, Latvia within the project of program Erasmus+!

The European voluntary service project "BRF Summer Volunteers" will take place from July 6, 2018 until August 31, 2018. Within the framework of the project, 6 young people from Spain, Macedonia and Bulgaria (2 from each country ) will volunteer in the host organization Baltic Regional fund and its Youth Studio BaMbuss.

The goal of the project is to organize short-term volunteering project, in which young people can develop their skills and abilities by participating and organizing various activities in the BRF Youth Studio "BaMbuss", youth centers, organizations and International youth day events in all Latvia. The main activity of short-term voluntary work is to organize large-scale event "Back to School" at end of summer. The aim of the event "Back to school" is to provide local youngsters with a place and opportunity to develop their skills and competences by participating in different workshops and to celebrate the end of summer and the start of school.

BaMbuss volunteers are pandas. Do you want to join the tribe? 🐼 Fill the application till April 30, 2018!
Results will be sent to you in may, 2018!

Learn more organisation and program here:
- BRF website:; FB:
- BaMbuss Youth Studio website:; FB: IG:
- Erasmus+ :

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