WMM Casting - Los Angeles
This form gathers info for:
- your availability for the upcoming Screenplay Reading Workshop(s) as a Reader, and
- your industry data as an actor for our Casting Database if you haven't entered the info before

Please know that we respect your privacy and your information will be used only for the group purposes of casting, communications and member promotion; it will not be shared with 3rd parties.

Note for Actors: This info gives us essential casting data if you would like to be a reader at future Writers Workshops. This info will not only be used to cast future readings but one that filmmakers in the group might use to cast upcoming productions within the community. As the group grows, casting assistants who may not know you personally will using the casting database for casting assignments. We won't be keeping an offline database of headshots and resumes… so having links to your headshots (and demo reel) online is extremely helpful in casting people appropriately for roles at the Writer's Workshop.

TIMING: We cast the weekend prior to the workshop, so have your RSVP submitted by the WEDNESDAY (one week before the workshop) for consideration. And remember to resubmit for every workshop you'd like to read (but you only have to fill out the extra details once). If you need to cancel, please email readers@wemakemovies.org before Friday if at all possible.

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