#Digital4Good 2019 Nomination
Nominate a student you feel has used #Digital4Good. Ages 10 - College Students
• Students selected will be honored at Facebook in Menlo Park, CA.
• #Digital4Good Day is Monday, September 16, 2019.
• We will be accepting applications January 7th - January 31st.
• Winners announced by February 15th.
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Read About 2018 Winners Here: http://bit.ly/2018D4GWin
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Explain in detail what the student did to show that they are using #Digital4Good. For example, stood up for someone online, created a positive page, made an inspiring video, developed an app, raised money online for a good cause, or used their social media influence for a positive change.
What platform was used for digital for good:
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Describe how they made this project happen (include any necessary steps, time commitment, upkeep, etc.)
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#YOUDIDHELP! Thank you for nominating someone!
2018 #Digital4Good Recap
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