An exercise for discerning Core Values at St. John's Lutheran Church, July 2019
The Growing God’s Mission Team has been charged with leading the congregation through a process of reflection upon our Mission, Vision, and Goals. Part of the discernment of our mission is to identify core values. Core values are specific values which identify a congregation, which are central to its mission. We are seeking to identify three or four central core values which clearly describe St. John’s, and which, if neglected, would lead to a drift away from our Mission.
As part of this process, the Growing God’s Mission Team, Congregation Council members, and Table Coordinators have generated a list of values which we see and treasure at St. John’s. They are values submitted by leaders who believe they are values which we actually hold, not just values we wish we held.
We are inviting individual responses, not household responses. This form should be filled out by EACH PERSON participating in the life of St. John's.
We ask you to please do this exercise thoughtfully and prayerfully.
Q1) Please enter your name. Names will NOT be shared. The GGM team will be looking just at totals. The only reason we are asking for names is so that we will know who has already participated and who needs to be reminded! *
Your answer
Q2) To help identify St. John's core values, please choose 3 or 4 of these proposed values. Choose those which you believe to be MOST representative of our congregation. If you have doubts about whether or not we truly hold a value, please do not choose it. Again, please CHOOSE THREE OR FOUR values which you believe are at the core of our identity: *
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