NHPBC Facility Request Form
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Please note that only church members may request facility use.  The church member will be responsible to ensure that the requirements of the facility use policy is adhered to (Facility Use Policy available upon request).  Please allow 2 weeks to process for approval.  Thank you.
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Ministry/Organization Name
Please indicate purpose for which building space is requested. *
Is this request a one time or recurring use? *
If recurring use, please indicate desired days (i.e. 3rd Thursday of the month), times and calendar period/duration (i.e. Sept 1 to May 30)
Please indicate the date(s) needed.  If available, please email calendar to office@nhpbc.com. *
Please indicate start time and end time. *
Indicate anticipated guest count *
Please indicate which building/space is being requested for use *
If you also need to use NHPBC owned musical instruments or audio/visual equipment, consultation with NHPBC Sound Team and music leader will be required.
Would you need to use NHPBC piano/organ/other instruments? *
Would you need the NHPBC sound or A/V projection system? *
Wedding Request:  If the facility use request is for a wedding ceremony, restrictions may apply and approval is subject to the facility use policy as directed by the Elder Council.  An interview with the Senior Pastor or Elder Council is required.
Is the man (groom) a member of NHPBC? If not, is he a member of another church? Please indicate name of church in "Other".
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Is the woman (bride) a member of NHPBC? If not, is she a member of another church? Please indicate name of church in "Other".
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If neither the groom nor the bride are NHPBC members, does the couple have a sponsor who is a member?  Please provide the member name below
Please indicate any other information which may be useful in achieving approval for facility use.
  • There shall be no smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages within the public building spaces or on the grounds of NHPBC.
  • Use of the facilities of NHPBC will not be authorized for political party meetings, political fundraising or gambling.
  • Use of the facilities or grounds for charitable fundraising through the use of raffles, lotteries or other games of chance, etc. is not permitted.
  • Use of the facilities or grounds for charitable fundraising through bake sales, car washes, yard/tag sales etc. is generally discouraged and subject to authorization by the Elder Council. Appeals for free will offerings are the preferred means of raising funds for NHPBC ministries or other charitable causes.
  • Use of the facilities of NHPBC by anti-Christian organizations or organizations of non-Christian religious affiliation or which in the opinion of the Elder Council advocate religious, political or social views opposed to those held by NHPBC is prohibited.
  • All recurring facility use requests must be resubmitted annually for reconsideration and approval.

  • No use of nails or thumb tacks on the walls.
  • Only painter's tape (no duct tape or packaging tape)or poster putty allowed  on walls, whiteboards or floor.
  • No 3M hooks on walls.
  • All decorations need to be removed immediately after the event and disposed or stored.
  • No helium balloons or glitters (hard to remove from ceilings, furniture and floors).
Please contact the office if you have any questions.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

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