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Please note that only church members may request facility use. The church member will be responsible to ensure that the requirements of the facility use policy is adhered to (Facility Use Policy available upon request). Thank you.
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If you also need to use NHPBC owned musical instruments or audio/visual equipment, consultation with NHPBC Sound Team and music leader is required and fees for their services may apply.
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Wedding Request: If the facility use request is for a wedding ceremony, restrictions may apply and approval is subject to the facility use policy and the NHPBC Wedding Policy as directed by the Elder Council. An interview with the Senior Pastor or Elder Council is required.
Is the man (groom) a member of NHPBC? If not, is he a member of another church? Please indicate name of church in "Other".
Is the woman (bride) a member of NHPBC? If not, is she a member of another church? Please indicate name of church in "Other".
If neither the groom nor the bride are NHPBC members, does the couple have a sponsor who is a member? Please provide the member name below
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Please indicate any other information which may be useful in achieving approval for facility use.
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