Candidate Position Statement
This statement will be posted before and during the meeting to give your Hillsdale Neighbors a better understanding of what you will offer as a Board Member. Please be as open and honest as you can.

Elections will take place on June 6th. At the Meeting, you will also be given time to make a 1-minute introductory statement followed by a 15 minute "social period" for neighbors to come up and talk to the candidates.

Why are you interested in serving on the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association (HNA) Board? *
What strengths and perspectives would you bring to the HNA Board? *
What neighborhood issues and topics do you feel strongly about and why? *
How will you ensure that the HNA reflects the views of the neighborhood as a whole? *
What would you like to accomplish as a Board Member? What would be your priorities? *
Which Board committees and activities would you like to participate in? (Options include: parks, schools, land use, watershed, etc) *
What is your prior volunteer experience? Have you previously served in a board or leadership role? How have you interacted with local government around land-use or public policy issues? *
The HNA is concered with issues relating to public resources, such as land use, housing, education, and transportation. Please describe your existing and prospective personal, political, financial, and business or professional interests that shape your points of view in these areas. *
How will you work with Board Members and residents who do not share your views? *
[Optional] If available, please either:upload an electronic version of your resume or C.V. provide a link to an online version of your resume or LinkedIn profile (if you choose to attach a link, then the easiest way would be to paste the link into a Word Document and then upload that document).
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