ICY DOCK Consumer Review Sponsorship
The ICY DOCK consumer review sponsorship allows established online and offline reviewers/journalist access to our latest products for their examination. If you are an influential forum member, YouTube vlogger, or affiliated with a prominent blog/publishing house etc..., please read our reviewer terms and conditions below and then complete the application form.
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By reviewing our products, you agree:
I. That you will create a professional review containing relevant and insightful information. Ideally, we would like to feature your review on our main webpage and social media sites, but only if these standards are achieved.

II. If you should encounter any obstacles with your review, that you will contact us via email or phone to inquire for assistance --it’s very rare that we should ever be unable to assist our customers. It’s crucial that a product review reflects both the quality of the product and the support of the corporation behind it.

III. To create your review and send us the link to the forum/social media site/video two weeks after you receive the product(s). If you require an extension period you can simply contact us asking so for any reason and we will update the deadline in our records. If you contact us for support regarding the product (mentioned above), the deadline will be extended by the amount of time necessary to resolve the issue.

The terms listed above serve to benefit both parties, since we would like to have a long-standing relationship with you as a reviewer that is capable of:

-   Creating a professional, insightful, and informative review
-   Reaching out to a larger demographic to inform them of ICY DOCK and our products
-   Being dependable and not requiring numerous reminders to complete the review
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