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The Conflict Resolution Team (CRT) upholds the Joomla! Code of Conduct (JCoC), a set of shared values for the Joomla! community. See:

These incident reports are shared with the immediate members of the CRT and are kept confidential. In some cases we may decide it necessary to make a public statement. In that case, the identities of all involved will remain confidential unless there are strong reasons not to do so, or mutual agreement that they should be revealed.

** IMPORTANT: If you are in any kind of immediate physical danger, please contact your local authorities. **

Before using this form, please, if possible, try to resolve conflicts personally or with the assistance of other community members. Please do not post on social media or any other channels about incidents that you wish to report.

This form can be used to report incidents that may breach the Code of Conduct, or to report non-code, non-technical issues that cannot be resolved or have been resolved between members of the community.

Technical disputes should be raised with the Production Leadership Team:
While the CRT cannot make any ruling about technical issues, *personal* disputes that have arisen out of technical issues can be brought to the CRT.
Who? *
Who is involved. Who are you? The people involved in the incident. As the person reporting the incident are you directly involved, are you a bystander, or are you an involved friend. Are other people being impacted?
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Contact details *
How can we contact you? How can we contact the other parties? Eg. Provide your email address and Glip username
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What? *
What is this about? What happened?
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When? *
Is this recent? A longstanding issue? Please include as much information as possible to give sense of urgency around this issue.
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Where? *
Did this happen in a Github issue thread? Did this happen in a forum? Did this happen on Glip, IRC, Twitter, Reddit, Stackexchange, Facebook, or somewhere else online? Did this happen in person at a meetup, JoomlaDay or conference? Please include links or quoted text if relevant.
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Why? *
Why did this happen? Any context, history or supporting issues that help explain more about the incident/issue goes here.
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What has happened? *
How did you react to this situation? What has been done to try to resolve this conflict?
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What next? *
What would you like to see happen next? Have the involved parties already tried to work things out between them? Has someone already tried to mediate between them? What do people hope will happen next? What does a "resolution" look like?
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What is the status of this report? *
What is the status of this report? Does it require immediate action, or is it something that needs looking into but isn't urgent? Has the issue been resolved, or not need action, but is being submitted for monitoring purposes?
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