2019 aMigo Moderator - Semester 2 Returning Application

Volunteers will be active during the aMigo activation period (4 weeks before Week 0 - end of Week 4 per semester).

How does it work

After receiving their offer, new students are encouraged to create an aMigo profile, they are then asked to choose a number of interests. All student union pre-O week and post O-week events and offerings will be listed through aMigo as an interest and displayed as part of the aMigo endorsed event calendar.

Trained aMigo moderators will answer student questions and encourage students to socialise with one another.
They will also actively promote events and activities, as well as report any activities they feel are unfit for the space.

Apparel and Recognition

While aMigo is virtual, the purpose of the platform is for students to make friends virtually and then physically meet up with their aMigo friends.

Volunteers will not only be online moderators but are encouraged to be involved in orientation events and activities.

Volunteers will be provided and are expected to wear their aMigo hats and any campus based apparel, while running orientation events and when actively promoting aMigo.



You wont need to attend training again (unless you are part of the Clayton Orientation Events program too), we will record the training and send it to you.
There are a few changes to aMigo and there are new events you need to know about. You can skip ahead to these areas of training when you recieve the recording.


There are some new features to aMigo.

Not only will you be rewarded for posts, but also for liking posts.

The volunteer who posts the post who recieved the most likes/comments each week will be rewarded a prize.


Clayton Only: Want to volunteer at aMigo endosed Clayton events?

If you wish to also be involved in the Clayton based events linked to aMigo, please also apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/SHXPqj6cE5jwCZRF3
If you had already registered to be part of the Orientation Events and Camps team then there is no need to reapply.

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Non-Campus Specific: Do you plan to be involved in aMigo endorsed events and activities on your campus?
This could be events like Wominjeka and Breakfast or Lunch events
If Clayton Campus based volunteer, do you plan to be involved in Claytons based Orientation Camps and/or events run by MSA's Orientation Camps and Events team (Host Scheme)?
Please specify which volunteer programs, club & Society or Team Monash Sport team you are currently involved with. If none, leave blank.
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As part of this program, you will be asked to communicate online through the aMigo portal for up to 4 hours per week. Are you able commit up to 4 hours on aMigo? *
Do you plan to return next year (2020)? *
Would you be interested in being an Event Leader? *
Leaders will be expected to take more initiative with the program and attend all compulsory events .
• Prior to any volunteer activity I will read the MSA Volunteer Policy and sign the MSA volunteer agreement. • To the best of my abilities I agree to be bound by all rules and regulations of the Monash Student Association and Monash University in my MSA volunteer activity. • I have read and I understand all that is expected of a MSA Volunteer. • I have read and I understand all details of the Volunteer Code of Conduct, and that if I breach this code of conduct, I may be removed from the MSA Volunteering and records of this breach may be kept by MSA Volunteering. • I acknowledge that MSA Volunteering may keep records of my attendance and participation in all MSA Volunteering activities • By agreeing to the above I am formally indicating my willingness and suitability to participate in the MSA Volunteer program, as a volunteer and not a MSA employee. *
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