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Here at DemiDec, we're looking for a small group of talented writers to help us create learning and testing materials for the 2020-2021 Academic Decathlon season. Our writers tend to be both whimsical and meticulous; we are looking for clear, energetic prose and friendly, confident voices.

Don't hesitate to email with questions or just to introduce yourself.
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What are some of your interests? Why are you well suited to develop materials for the Academic Decathlon and/or World Scholar's Cup? Please write conversationally, but be mindful of grammar and style. One or two paragraphs is fine.
Please improve the following sentence.
"In 'Wild Swans at Coole' the narrator said that he saw nine-and-fifty swans. That is a very large number of swans to be seen."
With what television show(s), if any, would you want to be stranded on a three month journey to Mars, and why? Assume an unlimited supply of new episodes. Also, tell us (succinctly) whether journeying to Mars is a worthwhile human endeavor and how you would pass the time.
Please list any standardized test scores you're particularly proud of.
Include Academic Decathlon scores, if relevant.
Academic Background
What schools have you attended or are you attending, and what have you studied? Do you have a favorite subject?
Which subject(s) would you be interested in tackling for this season?
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