Storefront Themes Product Survey
We need your feedback to help us determine what products and services to create moving forward! Let us know using this survey. We plan on releasing lots of great stuff and much of it will be free so you're sure to be rewarded for your feedback!
Which e-commerce plugins do you use?
Do you prefer to use one robust WordPress theme that you customize for each project or have multiple themes to choose from for each project?
What additional services would be most helpful for you?
If we could provide tutorials for other things besides our products, what things are you most interested in?
What other specific questions or problems do you have right now with running an online business?
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What else can you tell us that might point us in the right direction in terms of what products and services we might focus on creating?
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If you care to, what are the URLs to some shops you are running right now? (this is completely optional)
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Name (optional)
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