ÍTACA. Digital Interface Adoption Rate of Senior Staff by Self-Assessment Survey
The goal of ITACA is to evaluate the evolution of the digital adoption level of Senior Officials by online self diagnosis. We start from the basic idea that, in order to transform an organization, people need to change.

To run an organization, in addition to being technologically up-to-date at all times, it is necessary to integrate values ​​typical of the twenty-first century, such as those based on diversity (gender, abilities, sexual orientation...) and also some from the female sphere (such as empathy, flexibility, tolerance). But of all these capabilities, digital transformation is more challenging to address, because it means assuming and practising new knowledge and skills.

If you have any contributions and ideas that can improve ITACA, do not hesitate to put them forward at: https://bit.ly/ITACA-CAT-BLOG. Spanish version available at https://bit.ly/ITACAESP.

Jordi Graells i Costa
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