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At Lassens, our commitment to providing our customers with “The Best of Everything Good” extends to our tradition of charitable contributions. This includes making a commitment through the support of youth and family organizations, schools, community programs and environmental initiatives.

However, due to the large amount of requests we receive, we unfortunately are unable to accommodate every request. As a general rule, we do not make financial contributions, buy advertising, purchase program space or tickets. Our charitable contributions are made through food and water donations, gift basket donations and gift card donations.

Requirements for participation
We do not accept any verbal requests.

All request must be made electronically through form submission.

As a general rule, donations to any group can only be made once each year.

The supported cause must reside with 2.5 miles from the requested location.

Due to severe drought conditions in California we do not currently sponsor Golf Tournament Events.

All donation requests must submitted a least 4 weeks in advance of date required.

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