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If you are interested in submitting a talk or workshop for consideration as part of our events, use this form and submit an abstract of your proposed talk under "Project Description," and include any necessary AV requirements under "Project Technical Specifications." If you have any preliminary images you'd like to include with your talk, feel free to submit those as well.

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A project description in 300 words (max) that includes any collaborative partners and relation to theme "ARTOBOTS". If you are proposing a talk/lecture, submit a 250-300 word abstract of your talk here.
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How long does your installation/performance run? What equipment will you bring and how long will it take to set up/break down? Any technical requirements beyond wifi and power? If your piece needs to be performed, will you be presenting/performing the work or will you need performer(s) to represent you?
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Including past works, exhibitions, commissions, videography. Also include links to any support materials such as press articles, documentation, and diagrams that will strengthen and enhance your proposal.
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