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Check the following resources that you have access to. Note that we recommend using WiFi for Zoom lessons. If that's not possible please check your data plan. According to some sources, an average Zoom lesson is about 270MB.
Guitar Loan Agreement: I would like to borrow a guitar for my child while he/she is enrolled in Guitar@Home Academy. In the event that my child wishes to stop participating in the program, I will return the guitar so that the opportunity can be extended to another student. Guitar@Home Academy participation requires completing a project each semester under the guidance of a CCGS "Guitar Guru." After participating in the program for 2 years, the guitar is yours to keep forever.
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What size guitar does your child need? We recommend a full-size for students 12 and older, and a 3/4 for students younger than 12. (If your student is particularly short or tall for their age, they could go up or down a size.)
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Media Consent: I understand that my child is participating in classes, performances, and/or recording sessions, offered by the Cleveland Classical Guitar Society. I understand that there may be media or other coverage. I grant permission for my child to be photographed, videotaped, recorded and/or filmed during and in connection with these activities and for the use of any such images, likenesses, written works and/or recordings of his/her voice, conversation, sounds, and artistic works. I understand that the Cleveland Classical Guitar Society owns the rights to these products and that neither I nor my child will receive any monetary compensation. I further understand that the use of these products does not confer any ownership rights on me or my child and that any use by the Cleveland Classical GuitarSociety of the will be solely for the support and promotion of the Cleveland Classical Guitar Society.
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