A survey on metric system, scientific literacy and attitude
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Light is both a wave and a particle
A man is 2.16 meters tall. Is this person suited to be a good professional basketball player?
A 30 year-old scientist found a 6-million-year old fossil. When this scientist becomes 35 years old, the age of his fossil should be?
"Kilo" means
145 mm = ___ m
Do you agree that organic food should be DNA-free food?
A person's pant inseam measures 35 centimeters.
The weather forecast shows a high of 32 degrees Celcius, what should you wear?
What is an electron attracted to?
Early human once lived with dinosaurs.
Lasers work by focusing sound waves
The continents have been moving their location for millions of years and will continue to move.
Antibiotics kills viruses as well as bacteria.
Electrons are smaller than atoms
The center of the earth is very hot.
My religious views are more important than scientific views.
For me, in my daily life, it is not important to know about science.
Science and technology are making our lives healthier, easier and more comfortable.
The benefits of science are greater than any harmful effects it may have.
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