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Starting with this form, we will guide you through the process of booking a motorcycle to ride in Japan, even if you cannot communicate in Japanese.

After completing the form, you will be contacted by our customer support team with a quotation. Please submit this form at least one week in advance of the date in which you would like to start your rental (some motorcycles might require transportation), and read the below terms before starting:

1. You must be 20 years old or above.
2. The payment is done at the shop at the time of the rental. Only credit card is accepted.
3. The Collision Damage Waiver is compulsory for non residents in Japan.
(insurance for damage to the motorcycle). No deposit needed.
4. One way rentals are not possible yet.
5. Please make sure you have all the required items to rent:

You can find more information in our FAQ section:

For short inquiries, you can send us a message through this form:

Last name, First name *
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Hotel, etc. If you are staying several days, the address of the first one is ok.
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We will contact you through this email. Please make sure it is written correctly or you will not receive our reply.
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Phone number where we can reach you while in Japan *
Hotel, mobile phone, etc. If it is a mobile phone from your home country please insert the country code too.
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Motorcycle license (until how many cc you can ride?) *
Remember that your driving license MUST be suitable for the type of motorcycle you want to ride in Japan. If your domestic motorcycle license has restrictions like engine displacement, transmission type, etc. the same restrictions will apply in Japan.
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Japanese ability *
This is so we can make arrangements to better serve you during the rental process.
Shop from where you would like to rent *
These are the shops that have English speaking staff/are used to attending customers from overseas, please choose one of them if you cannot communicate fluently on the phone or if you cannot be accompanied by a Japanese speaker from departure to return. If you can communicate in Japanese on the phone or be accompanied by a Japanese speaker you may use any of the 100 shops we have all over the country:
Motorcycle Model/s in order of preference (top 3) *
You can see the line-up for each shop, in the previous question links. After clicking, on the column of the left "Motorcycle Line-up"
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Motorcycle Rental Start *
Please take into account the shop business hours and holidays. Don't forget to fill the desired starting time (within shop business hours).
Rental Period *
Please take into account the shop business hours and holidays for the return too. After the first 24h the rental period is on a 1 day basis.
Helmet (mandatory by law) *
You can bring your own, or rent one from the shop. Rental price for helmets is 1,000 yen for the first day, 200 yen/day from the second day. This is so we have at least one of your preferred size ready but you can choose the one that fits best among all the available ones at the shop. Pillion=Passenger riding on the back.
I will bring my own / Don't need
Full Face (Driver)
Full Face (Pillion)
Half Face (Driver)
Half Face (Pillion)
ETC toll card
ETC stands for Electronic Toll Collection system. It allows to go through toll gates smoothly. For more detailed information please see this link: Most of our motorcycles have the ETC device installed but only a few locations have ETC cards available for rent. If ETC card rental is not available at the requested shop, when using toll highways you would need to go through the green lanes (Not ETC) and pay the toll on the spot. Toll highways use is limited to motorcycles of 126cc and above by law (125cc Not allowed). Tolls are about 30 yen/km, we only recommend them to get out and through big cities.
Do you have a credit card? *
The rental must be paid at the time of the pick up, with the credit card of the person signing the rental agreement. In case of more than one person renting, each must pay his or her rental with his or her own credit card. We do not charge any deposit or other amount in advance.
Do you have all the required items to rent? *
1)Passport 2)Home country driving license 3) 1949 International Driving Permit (it has validity of 1 year; make sure it is not expired, it is stamped on A for motorcycles, and that is not the 1968 one which is not recognized in Japan) or Official Japanese translation (depending on the country) If you have a Japanese driving license, you don't need anything else. If you are not sure about the requirements please read carefully this section:
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