Improving Vermont Justice Systems
This survey was created by a study group working to improve Vermont justice system responses for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and stalking. Your answers will be anonymous and will be collected for a report back to law makers about what options and resources are still missing for victims/survivors after experiences of harm.
What kinds of harm related to this study have you experienced? (Check all that apply.)
What systems responses were you involved with as a result of the harm you experienced? (Rate each system you accessed in its ability to meet your needs. 1 = did not meet any of my needs. 5 = met all of my needs.)
Law enforcement
States attorneys office - Prosecutor
States attorneys office - Victim Advocate
Department of Corrections - Correctional Facility
Department of Corrections - Probation and Parole
Department of Corrections - Victim Services
Campus/School Justice Process (Title IX Investigation)
Economic Services - Emergency Housing
Department for Children and Families - Family Services - Child Protection
Department of Children and Families - Family Services - Domestic Violence
Office of Child Support
Community- based Advocacy Program
Local Health Center
Comunity Justice Center
Substance Abuse Treatment Program
Did you ever receive acknowledgement for the harm done from any of the people who chose to use violence against you?
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