FemTechNet Allied Media Conference Network Gathering
FemTechNet is an activated network of hundreds of scholars, students, and artists who work at the borders of technology, science, and feminism in a variety of fields including Science and Technology Studies, Media and Visual Studies, Art, Women’s, Queer, and Ethnic Studies. In the FemTechNet (Feminist Technology) Network Gathering we will explore how technology perpetuates existing structural inequalities and what can we do to make technologies work for us and our diverse communities. We will create a collaborative space for revealing the power relations embedded in technology, such as racial bias in tech design, systemic threats to online safety, and gender imbalances. Our goal is to review existing materials from the FemTechNet archive of videos, syllabi, and/or assignment prompts in order to formulate continued organizing goals. Our hope at the AMC is to bring people into the FemTechNet network and springboard new projects and collaborations.

Participants will walk away with a bank of successful intersectional feminist project designs, alliances with people in different geographical and institutional contexts, and supportive relationships built from face-to-face collaborations.
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About FemTechNet & Contact Info
FemTechNet (FTN) is a network of people in working committees (FemTechNet), an innovative connected course model (DOCC), and a course (“Collaborations in Feminism & Technology”). For more information about how the network, the DOCC structure, or course works, visit the "About" page at femtechnet.org --> http://femtechnet.org/about-the-network/who-we-are/
For More Information
We hold informal informational sessions about FemTechNet every first Friday of the month at 11am PT/ 1pm CT/ 2pm ET. If you would like to attend a session before the Allied Media Conference, or if you have any questions at all about the network, contact femtechnetinquiries (AT) gmail (DOT) com.
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