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This application is for a garden plot under the direction of RUGN. For a suggested donation of $20.00, RUGN leases you the plot and access to compost, mulch, water, and tools. This an agreement for one garden season's use of our facilities.
Plots are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.
Donations accepted at D.P. Wigley Co. 234 Wisconsin Ave. Racine, Wi 53403
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Donation Amount: Donation can be made at D.P. Wigley Co. 234 Wisconsin Ave. Racine, Wi 53403
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RUGN staff, volunteers and news media sometimes take photos at the gardens. You agree to let your photo be a part of publicity materials. If you do not want to be photographed it is your responsibility to inform the photographer at the time the photo is being taken.
By signing below you acknowledge and/or agree to:
All RUGN gardeners are required to share a phone number with RUGN. We may circulate this information amongst board members, garden managers, and other gardeners. Your phone number and/or email address can/may be included in these communication efforts.

Your acceptance in future years may take into account your compliance with the rules and regulations set forth on our rules and regulations form. Upon acceptance you will receive a copy of this contract, the rules and regulations, and a plot map with your garden spot clearly marked. Attendance at an "Orientation Day" is mandatory for new RUGN gardeners. You will be notified when "Orientation Day" will take place.

Personal Responsibility
You agree to hold RUGN,lease holders, their agents, and employees harmless for any and all liability for bodily harm, damage, or loss of any kind resulting or arising from or in any manner connected with a RUGN garden.

You also agree to RUGN's Garden Rules:

1. Respect other’s plots and the communal spaces of the garden. Only harvest from your own plot, or with the express permission from another gardener.
2. Don’t waste communal resources i.e. water, compost, wood chips, etc.
3. Please clean and return any shared tools or supplies to the storage area when finished.
4. Do not plant invasive perennials (mint, raspberries, artichokes, etc.) in your garden plot, but you may keep them in removable containers.
5. Only organic fertilizer, weed and pest control may be used inside garden plots.
6. Maintain and weed your plot, the pathways that surround it, and contribute at least 4 volunteer hours per month to the upkeep of the whole garden.
7. No pets in the garden.

WARNING NOTICES AND PLOT REASSIGNMENT: If your plot is overgrown with weeds, or there is no evidence of activity after June 1st, you will receive a warning from the garden manager. After 10 days of no response or action, your plot may be reassigned. So make sure we have the most up-to-date contact info!

*Please Note: If you decide to stop using your plot, please notify the RUGN coordinator, so your plot can be reassigned to someone on the waiting list. Or, if you are unable to harvest your plot in a timely manner, please notify your garden manager so that your produce can be donated to a food pantry.

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Please let us know if: -If you're a returning gardener, if you would like to keep the same plot as last year -If you're a new RUGN gardener, which garden you want to have a plot at - You require a handicap accessible plot -You would like to HAVE a mentor gardener - You would like to BE a mentor gardener
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