Tufts Daily Support Fund Stipend Application
This is the official application to receive a Tufts Daily Support Fund Stipend. We are distributing three stipends this semester: two worth $250 and one worth $500.

Like many media organizations, the Tufts Daily has historically struggled with a diverse representation of voices and identities both in its staffing and coverage. The newspaper is one important gateway into the journalism industry for Tufts students, and therefore it’s paramount to work to improve representation in our newsroom to expand who is and can be journalists in the future.

To this end, the Tufts Daily's Managing Board is providing three stipends to help individuals for whom a financial burden precludes their participation on our paper. Working as a student journalist is a considerable time commitment and for students who need to earn money while being at school full-time, the burden of a part-time job might make the commitment unreasonable. This scholarship aims to provide funds so that those students who are interested in journalism but financially restricted are better able to pursue their interest through the Daily.

Applications are due by noon on February 16 for all stipends. They will be reviewed by the following week. Each applicant will be informed of whether or not they've been accepted to receive the stipend.

Are you:
• a student at Tufts?
• someone who has a demonstrated financial need?
• someone who has a serious interest in journalism/media and wants to join the Daily?

Yes? Then you qualify. Please apply!

Absolutely no journalism experience required, but it is of course welcome.

Requirements for receiving a $250 stipend:
• Students who are just starting to work for the Daily in positions such as contributing writers, layout editors, copy editors, contributing photographers, contributing videographers, graphic designers, or contributing members of our online or social media teams
• Students who have not joined the Daily but have a strong interest in journalism or media
• Complete at least one article or project for their chosen section per month
• Meet weekly with your section executive editor for mentorship (reviewing their stories, attending to issues they’re having, assessing opportunities for growth)

Requirements for receiving the $500 stipend:
• Regularly devote a significant number of hours per week to the Daily
• Possible recipients of this award include, but are not limited to, editors and assistant editors for any section, editorialists, staff photographers and staff videographers
• Students who already work for the Daily but are taking up additional responsibilities as well as students contributing to multiple sections
Please note that Execs and members of the Managing Board who are receiving work-study payments for their work with the Daily are not eligible for the $500 stipend.

Two stipends are worth $250. One is worth is $500. The stipends will be distributed in two increments: one midway through the semester and one at the end. If you are unable to complete the expectations for the scholarship, you won’t receive the award.

Questions and Concerns:
Please reach out to daily@tuftsdaily.com with any questions or concerns you have regarding the scholarship and/or involvement with The Tufts Daily.

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