June Vegetation and Fall Advanced Bugs Sign Up- 2023
This form will allow you to sign up for summer and fall 2023 Vegetation Monitoring as well as some advanced Level 2 Macroinvertebrate Collections with Watershed Education Network (WEN).

Vegetation sampling will be occurring across two weeks in June for full days (stopping for lunch in the field) with half day options available and encouraged. We want to be mindful of your time, and encourage you to contact us if you need to arrive late or leave early if that would work better for you! We will be surveying ground cover, shrubcover, and tree cover. It is likely that days will end early. No experience necessary, but some plant ID skills are helpful! We will also be collecting some plants to build an set of preserved samples for WEN!

Macroinvertebrate collections will be during our fall field season at one site above the former rattlesnake dam one site below the dam, and three sites at the dam. No prior experience needed!

Each morning we meet at our office (802 E Front St - white house west of the Press Box, across the street from Big Sky Bikes) to check in, gather gear and carpool/caravan up to the monitoring sites; waders are provided if needed and you do not have your own.

If you are unsure about your availability, please check the box regardless, we will check in with you before each outing. You can also revisit this form later to resubmit or email us if your availability changes.

WEN staff and volunteers are staying mindful of the changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.You are asked to remain home if you are not feeling well and/or if you have had a recent close contact with someone with COVID.

Please contact Stephie and Brook if you have any questions, comments or issues with this form - stephie@montanawatershed.org brook@montanawatershed.org

Thank you!
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Email *
Name (First and last) *
Phone Number *
Have you volunteered with Stream Team/WEN before? *
How did you hear about this vegetation and bug sampling? (Please be specific) *
Vegetation Surveys
What experience do you have identifying plants?
What days would you like to volunteer doing vegetation surveys? (10 am-4 pm)
Availablefor part of the day!
Not available.
Wednesday June 7th
Thursday June 8th
Friday June 9th
Monday June 12th
Wednesday June 14th
Friday June 16th
Saturday June 17th
Please describe any partial availability for vegetation surveying. We are more than open to having you start late or leave early!
Would you like to help us with our Herbarium project? (Collecting, Preserving, and mounting dried plants for reference use!) If so, please describe your general availability during June/July/August and any prior experience (but none is necessary).
Macroinvertebrate/ Aquatic Insect Collection
What is your confidence level walking upstream through the river in waders? Please be honest, this will not disqualify you, it is just important for your safety that we know!
Not confident- never been in waders
Really confident- can walk almost as well as on land
What days are you available to help with the Lethal Macroinvertebrate/Aquatic Insect Collections?
Available for part of the day!
Not available.
Tuesday September 12th 10 am-2 pm
Wednesday September 13th 10 am-2 pm
Tuesday September 19th 10:30-3pm- At the Dam Restoration Site!
Please describe any partial availability for bug sampling. We are more than open to having you start late or leave early! *
Do you have your own waders? *
What size waders do you wear? (Wader size is unisex but closer to men's shoe size. If you are unsure, please put what your shoe size is in men's, women's, or kid's and indicate which of those it is.) *
General Information
Would you be able to come out on different day/time? Please check all that apply.
No avaliability on this day.
What is the full name of your emergency contact? And how are they related to you? (ex: John Doe- Roommate) *
What is your emergency contact's phone number? (Please include the area code) *
Do you have any medical information that WEN staff should be aware of for your participation in the field? (Ex: bee allergies, food allergies, etc.) This information will be kept confidential, and is only needed to help us keep you safe in the field. *
Do you have any first aid training? (Past or current, and what kind if any?) *
For our future reference, would you be interested in helping out with our youth education programs? We teach students about similar things that you learn on Stream Team. If so, what prior experience do you have with education? *
Questions, comments, and/or concerns about days and times or other info? Please let us know here and we will get back to you!
Thank you for signing up! This field season is going to be great, and we really appreciate all of your help and support! You can find more information and some helpful guides on our website: www.montanawatershed.org  Please feel free to also email (stephie@montanawatershed.org and/or brook@montanawatershed.org) with any other questions!
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