#EveryoneCanEarnAMentor (Detroit Startup Week)
Detroit Startup Week believes that every entrepreneur deserves the right to earn a mentor, and we're standing behind it. Sign up below to be entered into a database of entrepreneurs seeking mentors. We'll be challenging mentors across the Metro-Detroit area to commit to building bridges with us over the next few weeks. So get on the list, now!

Tell us your name, location, business (or idea) name, and share a brief description of what you want to accomplish (your goal/ask), and remember that you need to earn mentorship. Nothing is free, or given, but if you show your value, there are people who want to help you achieve.

If you have questions you can email detroit@startupweek.co with the subject "Mentee Question: <Insert Your Unique Subject Here>"

Mentors want to help you achieve something tangible, whether your in the incubation, acceleration, or scale phase... so tell us what it is, whether it's to grow your customer base, validate your business model, or find strategic partners. We'll pass that along to mentors when they review who they want to engage with!
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