POVA Artist Application
Poverty and the Arts (POVA) welcomes artists impacted by homelessness to apply. We believe we are better as a society and organization when we build relationships with those who are different from us. We embrace each individual’s unique talents and honor diverse life and work styles. We acknowledge the numerous barriers people in society experience to engaging in artistic, economic, and social opportunities. Our desire is that POVA will be comprised of artists from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. This information is used for program evaluations, reporting purposes, grant requests, and to inform POVA staff how to most effectively assist you.
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Do we have your permission to submit your information for a background check? If yes, we will collect your Social Security number in a different way. The results of your background check do not influence your acceptance into the Artist Collective. *
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Do you have a therapist or counselor? Please share details at your comfort level, including: name, location, and how often you see them. *
What is your primary mode of transportation? (Check all that apply) *
Are you currently experiencing homelessness? *
Where do you sleep most often? *
How long have you been homeless in Nashville? (Past or present) *
In what other cities did you experience homelessness? For how long? *
If in housing, what month and year did you secure permanent or consistent housing?
In what type of housing are you currently living? *
How did you find and secure this housing? *
What factors would you say contributed to you experiencing homelessness? (Check all that apply) *
Are you currently employed? (Include full time, part time, temporary/holiday work, and where you are employed) *
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With your current income, what are you able to buy for yourself? *
Please describe any diagnosed physical illnesses, disabilities, or conditions: *
Please describe any diagnosed mental illnesses, disabilities, or conditions (including drug addictions): *
Are you undergoing any treatment or on any medication?
Do you have TENNCARE or medical insurance? If so, who is your provider? *
Do you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions? *
Have you been convicted of a felony? *
If yes to the above, please describe:
Are you on probation? *
Do you have a parole officer? If yes, please list name and contact info:
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