Organizational Sign-On Letter: Tell City Council to Support Fast Food Workers in the Budget

RE: The Mayor's March Budget Message

Dear Mayor and Council:

We, the undersigned organizations, call upon the San José City Council to uphold worker safety and well-being by endorsing the creation of the Fast Food Fair Work Ordinance as a top priority in this year's budget discussions.

San Jose's fast food industry, employing nearly 13,000 cooks and cashiers, is a vital contributor to the city's labor force and economy. In California, eight out of every ten fast-food workers come from diverse backgrounds, and seven out of ten are women. They play a crucial role in serving meals to tens of thousands of people and driving the profits of the billion-dollar fast-food sector. However, frontline fast-food workers often grapple with job instability and unsafe working conditions.

San Jose can and must lead the way in empowering fast food workers to address these problems. The Fast Food Fair Work Law presents an opportunity to revolutionize this industry so that fast food workers enjoy the same rights, benefits and opportunities as other working people in our region. Here's what it will provide: 

Know Your Rights Training: The law will mandate annual "Know Your Rights" training for fast-food workers, addressing issues such as wage theft and sexual harassment, providing tools to stop abuses, and compensating workers for their time spent in training.

Paid Time Off: Recognizing fast-food workers as parents, caregivers, and individuals with personal needs, the law allows them to earn one hour of paid time off for every 30 hours worked, offering a well-deserved break.

San Jose's fast food industry, boasting nearly 13,000 cooks and cashiers, is a vital contributor to the city's workforce and economy — and the vast majority of these frontline workers are women and people of color. However, the majority of these frontline workers, eight in ten of whom are workers of color and seven in ten are women, grapple with significant challenges such as unstable jobs, unsafe working conditions, and inadequate wages. Despite the industry's billion-dollar profits, cooks and cashiers endure erratic hours, wage theft, sexual harassment, and other pervasive workplace issues. The lack of predictable schedules adds pressure on workers and contributes to housing instability, affecting 1 in 9 unhoused California workers employed in fast food.

We firmly believe that the Fast Food Fair Work Ordinance can be a transformative force. By guaranteeing workers Know Your Rights Training, Safe and Secure Workplaces, and Paid Time Off, San Jose has the opportunity to lead in empowering fast food workers and improving their lives, alongside their families, customers, and communities.

We envision a city where everyone, irrespective of their occupation, has access to basic labor rights and the information needed to be empowered on the job. We, the undersigned, support the Fast Food Fair Work Law and strongly urge the San José City Council to prioritize the creation of this critical legislation in this year's budget discussions, affirming San Jose's commitment to fair treatment, security, and dignity for fast food workers, thereby creating a positive impact on the lives of thousands of workers and the broader community.

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