Workshop Instructor Application 2018
Welcome past and future workshop leaders!

We are excited to invite you to apply to teach at this year’s gathering, July 13-15 at Lago Linda Hideaway in Beattyville, Kentucky.

We want to hear your proposals for workshops sharing your skills for earth friendly living: gardening, permaculture, natural building, tracking, firemaking, stargazing, foraging, pottery, woodworking, appropriate technology, survival, herbal medicine, wellness/self-care, livestock raising, and food preparation/preservation. We especially love proposals that focus on the skills and folkways of our Appalachian region, and we will give preference to local instructors. We hope to see some applications for workshops in the nearby Natural Bridge State Park and Red River Gorge Geologic area.

In keeping with Whippoorwill’s roots in the movement for social and environmental justice in Appalachia, we are also specifically requesting workshop proposals on monitoring soil, water, and air quality, extreme mineral extraction, bioremediation, community organizing, civic engagement, gender theory, confronting white supremacy, and cultural appropriation. As we work to build the world we wish to live in, we seek to maintain our awareness of and resistance to the powers that threaten our planet and our communities.

All workshop instructors receive free admission to the festival, as well as the option to have a booth at the event. Vending space is available for your books, products, and crafts, and is for instructors only. If you make something that you can reproduce: jams, jellies, preserves, ferments, medicines, salves, leather work, carvings, or patches, and can make up to 75 of them, we may be able to purchase some from you to include in our instructor gift bags. There is a section on the form for you to offer suggestions. Also, please consider applying to perform or speak on stage or around the fire. We hope these ideas will be helpful for workshop instructors seeking to help cover their travel and time expenses.

The morning workshop slot will be from 10am to 12pm; the afternoon slot will be from 1pm-5pm, with some workshops lasting only until 3pm. This longer slot should allow for both more in depth or off site workshops as well as extra free time to finish projects, practice skills, build connections, or just hang out. Also, during the unstructured second time slot in the afternoon, we’re encouraging self-organized meetups, discussions, or activities in any of the blank spaces on the schedule. We hope that this will encourage community building and creating lasting connections.

Please fill out the workshop application form to get in touch with us soon! Pay special attention to the workshop titles, descriptions, and bio sections as these will be used to promote your workshop and the gathering in general on the website and in print.

Feel free to forward this email and the application form to anyone that you think may have a skill to share. We look forward to seeing you in July!

-The Whippoorwill Workshop Team

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