WCSS Global Citizen 2019
This award is intended to recognize a Wisconsin citizen or group who has demonstrated exemplary citizenship. This individual/group exemplifies the core principles of social studies by promoting the common good, protecting individual liberty, honoring diversity, and improving the quality of life for others, thereby enriching the community, state, nation, and/or world. The individual/group demonstrates uncommon compassion, moral fortitude, and integrity.
Since any award having to do with exemplary citizenship is by its very nature broad in scope, the following ideals have been included to illuminate the spirit of the award.

Exhibits responsibility and community activism,
Demonstrates uncommon courage or valor,
Promotes justice and peace,
Aids the oppressed,
Protects the environment,
Builds a grassroots initiative and/or effectively navigates the political system to promote positive change

NOMINATIONS ARE DUE BY JANUARY 30, 2019. Direct any questions to Rhonda Watton at rhwatton@gmail.com.
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