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This form can be used to submit a new entry to the SIREN Solar Map ( Newly submitted entries will be vetted for error by a SIREN Steering Group member within a few business days.
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Please provide a street address, city and zipcode to accurately place your entry on the SIREN Solar Map.
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Enter your Solar PV system size in Watts. For example, enter 5700 if your system has 20 x 285 watt panels.
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Select a type of PV system owner. Choose Institutional if this entry is for a church or a religious organization.
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Select the contractor who installed this system.
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4-digit installation year (eg.: 2015)
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Introducing yourself would allow us to contact you in case we need clarification or spot an error. This information will not be revealed on the SIREN Solar Map. Also, feel free to include any other relevant information about your system and indicate if you would like SIREN to display that information on your map entry (for example, "please display: 20 LG 280 watt polycrystalline panels, 100% electric offset")
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