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Hello! You're filling out this form because an applicant for our internship program has listed you as one of their references. Please answer the questions below to let us know if they'll be a good fit with us! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 617-442-5400 or e-mail us at volunteer@826boston.org.

J.J., Volunteer Manager

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826 Boston interns are required to understand other people’s viewpoints and problems and to communicate with people from differing backgrounds. Please comment briefly on the applicant’s relationships with others *
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826 Boston interns must serve with other participants and with people of varied cultural, economic, educational, racial, and religious backgrounds. How would you rate the applicant’s working relationships with other people? *
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If you wish, use this additional space to explain any of your ratings, and anything else about this applicant that you feel is relevant to interning with 826 Boston—such as the applicant’s desire to serve others, maturity, work ethic, flexibility, and dependability. Explain any reservations that you have regarding the applicant’s participation in the 826 Boston intern program to which they have applied
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