BNHA Domestic Zine Applications
Hello! Thank you for your interest in participating in our zine. Please read and fill out the appropriate pages.
Rules and Important Info
Who's Running This Zine?
This zine will be run and put together by Mia (@technicallyflamey) and Rae (@SportyHeroesImagines)

We both share a love of domestic BNHA and want to make a wonderful magazine highlighting all the wonderful aspects and creativity of the community.

This is out first time running a project like this, but we have faith in our abilities and hope some talented others will want to participate with us as well!
How Many People Are You Looking For?
Currently we're looking for 25+ Artists and 10+ Writers
This is subject to change due to the number of applications however.
How many pieces may I submit?
One only for both writing and art. So make it your best work!
Can I try out for both drawing and writing?
Yes! You're more then allowed to apply for both, but it does not mean you'll get into both
Will I Get Compensation for my art work/writing?
After the costs for production, the remaining profits from the zine will be split between all participants evenly. I can't guarantee how much this will be, but if we sell something you will be getting something out of it. Additionally, every participant will be getting a free PDF file of the Zine.
What Should I Draw/Write for this Zine?
Anything related to Domestic BNHA!

Want to draw Inko and Izuku? Go ahead!
Have an idea for a father Bakugou story? Write it!
You can make the characters younger or age them up into parents! As long as your artwork or writing shows the domestic lifestyle, we're all for it! :D

If you have a question about this, please message Mia or Rae. We'll be more then willing to help out!
Shipping? OC's? Reader Stories?
We understand that people will want to draw or write different things to their niche, however we don't want to see the same thing repeated over and over again.

Therefore, when filling out your application we'll be asking for the top three things you're wanting to make? This is so we can test the waters on what is wanting to be created and what certain aspects will need to be lessened if needed.

With that said you're free to draw or write whatever you want. But please keep in mind these rules:
• If drawing/writing ships keep it SFW and don't bash other ships while doing so
• If making an OC PLEASE make it a parent OC of an already canon characters. Such as the lovely art floating around of Shinsou's parents made by Keiid. OR what you believe a child between two characters would look like, such as Izuku and Ochaco. We love OC's, but we want to focus on the canon characters and their possible families for this zine.
• Reader stories and imagines will be accepted as well, as we want to give writers a chance to shine as well. We know that writers tend to be taken for granted at times in fandoms, but we want everyone's work to be highlighted and shown off! As well since reader stories are fairly popular in the community.
• That being said canon x canon domestic scenarios are also allowed. No canon x OC please.
Expected Timeline
•November 15- Applications open
•December 15- Applications close
•December 20- Writer/Artists Selections Made, Participants contacted via email
•March 15- Art/Writing is due
•April 2- 30- Preorders
•Mid-May - Shipping out
All these dates are subject to change.
Have Any More Questions?
Contact one of us via Tumblr and we'll do the best we can to help you out!
• @domesticbnhazine
• @Sportyheroesimagines
• @technicallyflamey
Now Onto Applications!
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