Parrot Feathers - Fine Art and Craft Show Application
Parrot Feathers- Fine Art and Craft Show 2019
Sponsored by Caseville Chamber of Commerce

Location: Caseville Michigan, 48725

Event Date/Time: 8/17/19 10:00am-6:00pm
Application Deadline: 6/1/19

Event Summary:
Parrot Feathers - Fine Art and Craft Show is an event taking place during the second weekend of the Cheeseburger in Caseville Festival. The Cheeseburger in Caseville festival is a yearly, tropical themed, festival in the small town of Caseville Michigan. The festival draws tens of thousands of people to the town every year. Caseville has gained the nick name, Key North, because of the massive popularity of this 10 day island themed festival. This quaint little beach town, in the thumb of Michigan, transforms into a palm tree, parrot and flamingo covered, sand in your toes party. There are events for the whole family and fun for the adults, many different kinds of cheeseburgers, a lot of tropical music and concerts (Jimmy Buffet songs being a favorite all around town), and this year there will be an art and craft show to add to the fun. A small group of creatives working with the Caseville Chamber of Commerce are putting together the first ever Parrot Feathers - Fine Art and Craft Show. This art and craft show will take place on the second Saturday of the festival, August 17th, starting at 10:00am and ending at 6:00pm. Fifty artists and craftspeople will be chosen to exhibit their work in a grassy open lot, located just east of the Wooded Island Sports Grill in Caseville Mi (6868 Michigan St, Caseville, MI 48725). We plan to bring a variety of professional artists and craftspeople together to show, and sell, their work to the parrot loving people of the festival. This event will be a lively celebration of art and craft in the midst of island fun.

Important Dates to Remember:
January 17, 2019: Application Process Open
June 1, 2019: Application Deadline
June 8, 2019: Acceptance Emails Sent Out
July 17, 2019: Booth Fees Deadline
August 17, 2019: Event Set Up (Times to be listed in acceptance email)
August 17, 2019: Event 10am-6pm
August 17, 2019: Take Down 6pm-9pm

Registration Fees (All fees are non-refundable):
$5 Application Fee, Via Paypal (
$50 Booth Fee, Fine Art/Fine Craft
$60 Booth Fee, Fine Art/Fine Craft (w/electricity)

Each exhibitor display space will be 12’x12’. There are fifty spaces available. Spaces will be allocated at the discretion of the Parrot Feathers - Fine Art and Craft Show committee. Requests will be considered and met whenever possible. A small number of spaces with access to electricity are available, please indicate in the form below if you would like to apply for one of those spots. Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own display, tent and booth equipment. This event is scheduled to happen rain or shine so please plan accordingly, we will be outside in the open air.

Exhibition Standards
All work must be of original design and processed by the artists (“handcrafted”). Artists may not exhibit or sell subcontracted work. Absolutely NO buy/sell. Images submitted must be an accurate representation of products brought to the show. All applicants must be residents of Michigan. All work must be safe and non-toxic and fit for its intended use. If any work requires special or limited use, the artist must fully disclose and explain this to the public.

The work exhibited by the artist or craftsperson must match the quality and balance of the images submitted to Parrot Feathers for consideration. The jury reserves the right to reject items during the show, which are in poor taste, or not the quality or media category submitted for review. Exhibitors not in compliance with the rules and regulations will be asked to leave the show immediately without a refund.

The Caseville Chamber of Commerce and the Parrot Feathers - Art and Craft Show committee are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

No weapons may be exhibited or sold.

Jury Process:
A small number of creatives that are organizing this event will choose which artists and craftspeople will receive the 50 spaces available. It is our goal to thoughtfully consider all applicants and to showcase a variety of different artists and craftspeople with dedication and passion for their work at this show. Some of the criteria that will be used when considering an applicant will be quality of work, personal style, booth display and the price of work being sold.

- Three to five images of examples of your work are to be submitted with this application. Booth image must be representative of the booth quality you intend to provide at the event. The images must represent what you plan to have at the show. Choose high-quality, good resolution photos that demonstrate product quality and uniqueness.
- Three to five images of individual pieces of work.
- One image of a display.
- One, optional, image of you creating your work
High-resolution digital photos should be uploaded directly with the application below.
*If you are chosen to exhibit your work the images you provide in this application might be used to advertise for this event. If images are used to promote the event the artist/craftsperson will be given credit, and links to their website/social media will accompany the advertisement when possible.

Sales Tax:
Exhibitors are responsible to collect and remit 6% Michigan sales tax. Call the Michigan Treasury Department at 1-800-367-6263 for sales tax forms, if needed.

Set Up/Take Down:
The event will be taking place August 17th, 2019. Set up will be in the morning before the event (exact times will be listed on acceptance email). Take down must be completed by 9pm.

Amenities Include:
Marketing and publicity using social media, local radio, and official Cheeseburger in Caseville event brochures (distributed through out Michigan). Vehicle access near booth site for easy set up and tear down, and nearby parking.

Mission Statement:
Parrot Feathers - Fine Art and Craft Show aims to give Michigan artists and craftspeople a space to show and sell their work to the public during the Cheeseburger in Caseville festival. It is our goal to showcase quality, handmade work, as to foster a greater appreciation for fine art and craft.

If you are a professional artist or craftsperson that would like to apply for a space to showcase and sell your work at the Parrot Feathers - Fine Art and Craft Show please fill out the form below. Thank you for your interest!

*There is a $5.00 nonrefundable application fee. This application fee should be sent via paypal to when you submit your application. Please include your first and last name and the words, parrot feathers application fee, in the notes with your payment. If you are chosen to be in the show the application fee will be applied towards your booth fee. Exhibitors accepted to the show will have a booth fee of $50.00 ($60.00 with electricity) that will be due in full by July 17th, 2019.

Applications will be accepted between January 17th, 2019 and June 1st, 2019. Those picked to participate in the show will be notified at the email they provided in their application on June 8th, 2019.

If you have any questions please send an email to Kayci Stanley:

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Where in Michigan are you located? *
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If you would like to include an image of you creating your work upload it here.
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