Rice at Home Retreat
For Black and Brown artists, writers, practitioners and creative organisers based in England.
A residency. A rejuvenation. A synergy. A breathing space. A learning space. An alternative fellowship. A connection beyond institutional contexts.

Over a weekend, we will convene, discuss, politic, cook, exchange and learn together. In order to craft a beautiful, relevant, useful space, we want to hear from you. This is not an application form, but will support us to shape a space that is relevant, useful, critical and designed with care.
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1. Where are you based?
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2. How would you describe your practice? What are you interested in?
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4. What else would you hope for from a mini residency space / artist retreat? *
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5. What are the challenges you're currently experiencing in/around your practice? *
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6. We are designing a 'free-to-access' retreat. Please let us know what access costs/requirements we could support you with.
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