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Eli Lilly are reluctant to disclose the results of a phase 2 clinical trial in MS. We think this is not in the best interests of people with MS. This petition is about the science and not taking a shot at Pharma. A very important experiment has been done and it is likely that it was negative, or possibly worse, Tabalumab exacerbated MS. We need to know the answer so as not to put pwMS at risk in the future, for example by exposing them to similar drugs, and to save money and time in not repeating experiments unnecessarily. Not having the data in the public domain is unethical.

Eli Lilly may have learnt a lot about MS from this study and are using the information to design their next drug. If that is the case we are unlikely to get the data. If not the the MS community and the trial participants needs to know answer.

By signing this petition you agree to us submitting your details to Eli Lilly as part of a campaign to get them to publish the data.

Do you support the publication of trial data of the phase 2 trial of Tabalumab in relapsing MS?
Multiple Subcutaneous Doses of LY2127399, an Anti-BAFF Human Antibody, in Subjects With Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (
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