Coronavirus (COVID-19) Request for Support & Volunteering Opportunities

St Marcus is using one form to capture both needs and availability of those who are willing and able to serve those in need during closures due to COVID-19.

NEED SUPPORT/ASSISTANCE: While St. Marcus can't make any promises to support ALL needs, we certainly would like to evaluate special needs that your family is experiencing during this challenging time. Please fill out the form below to communicate the needs of your family. If you do not hear a response within 48 hours, you can call or text Moe Lawrenz: 414-559-3401.

VOLUNTEERS: Now is a great time to pull together as a community to help and support one another. Can you be of assistance to others during this time through acts of service, donation of supplies, or a financial contribution? Please fill out the form below to communicate in the survey below.

Thank you for your time in sharing this valuable information with us.
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How are you connected in the St. Marcus Family *
If you are a school family, please list student name(s) and grade level(s)
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Are you able to volunteer during this time of need through acts of service, donation of supplies or a financial contribution? *
Request for Support/Assistance Section
Use this section of the form to communicate information about the needs of your family due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Closures. If you are not requesting support, however you would like to volunteer through acts of service, donating supplies, or monetary donations, you may skip this section and proceed to the volunteer section.
IF YOU ARE REQUESTING SUPPORT/HELP, PLEASE DESCRIBE THE IMPACT THAT COVID-19 HAS HAD ON YOUR FAMILY. BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. (Examples may include: "I have lost wages due to community shut downs; I have lost $1000 in monthly income" or "I have had to find alternate forms of daycare due to closures."
IF YOU ARE REQUESTING SUPPORT/HELP, EXPLAIN THE PHYSICAL NEEDS OF YOUR FAMILY DUE TO COVID-19. (Consider household supplies, food, delivery of supplies, transportation, or other daily necessary needs.)
If you have a need for grocery or non-grocery supplies to be delivered to your home, please provide your address.
Volunteer Section: Acts of service, donation of supplies, financial contribution.
Thank you for your willingness to serve our community in this time of need. To help us match your desire to serve where the needs are, please complete the information below.
I am able to make a financial contribution (if yes, please click the donation link on the pop up page after submitting this form.)
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I would like to donate supplies to help the community. (Example, non perishable items, household supplies, perishable foods, or other general household needs.)
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I would like to volunteer through Acts of Service. Examples may include: putting together supply bags to be delivered, shopping for supplies, etc.
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I would be willing to deliver supplies to community members in need.
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If you have another way to serve our community during this time of need, please explain below.
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