#BLM: Petition for Fletcher to Issue a Solidarity Statement
The appalling spate of institutional violence against George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and countless others has left us deeply disturbed. Racism has reared its ugly head yet again and we cannot stand complicit in the face of such egregious acts.

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, as the oldest school of international affairs in the United States, occupies a unique position among institutions dedicated to change-making and trailblazing. We have committed ourselves to critically pursuing positive change for nearly a century and in light of this legacy, it is incumbent upon us to make plain a commitment to improving the state of equity and genuine diversity both domestically and globally.

Words and relationships are the domain of a diplomat. Commitment is what gives life to words, and we are in the midst of a catalytic moment in this country that requires such plain commitment. Black Americans have been agents of change and have inspired countless transformative protests for centuries against oppressive  structures the world over, even while they have been continually subjugated by those very structures. With our unique privilege and prestige, Fletcher can lend its voice and support to the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the ongoing struggle for black liberation through the dismantling of anti-black, oppressive structures.

Liberation is an inherently cross-border project. Let us commit, openly and honestly, to the liberation of all, and put into action our commitment to good at home and abroad.

With the increase in violent deaths of unarmed Black Americans and lack of conclusive judicial proceedings, it is incumbent upon those with privilege to speak up against injustice. We request that The Fletcher School issue a vocal public statement on all its platforms condemning racist police violence, and  declaring its support for black liberation and #BlackLivesMatter within and without its walls.

If we plan to use our critical analytic and diplomatic skills to make the world better, it begins with a reckoning - internal and external. We must use our influence to advocate for positive and inclusive institutional change on a national level. This petition is a signal of Fletcher's commitment to subverting systems of oppression and a continued commitment to that work.

Please sign this petition requesting the school authorities to issue an official statement at the earliest.
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