Bayside 4-H Project Sign-Up Form
Start with the current list of projects and descriptions:
Then, utilize the paper Project Sign-Up Form to input your preferences into the online form below.
Number the projects you wish to take in order of priority. (Project #1 would be the project you most want to take).
Project rosters will be compiled based on a member’s stated priority.
Waiting lists will be compiled for those projects that exceed the maximum size.
Members signing up for projects after October will be subject to project availability.
The Rising Star, Discussion Meet, Camp Academy, and Square Dancing projects are countywide projects. It is not necessary to sign up through this Bayside 4-H Project Sign-Up Form.
Project fees are paid directly to project leaders at the first project session.
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Entomology, Botany & Art (Ages 5+)
Entrepreneurship: Products for Profit (Ages 5+)
Goats - Market (Ages 9+)
Guide Dog (Ages 8+?)
Interpretive Reading: Picture Books (Ages 5-8)
Leadership (Ages 9+)
Poultry (Ages 5+)
Presentations (Ages 8+)
Sheep - Market (Ages 9+)
Skit Night (Ages 5+)
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