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After filling up the form, we will email you with the details for downpayment.

For questions, contact us at hello@thedairygrind.com or on our Facebook Page http://facebook.com/thedairygrind.

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The basic package is good for 5 hours. Extra service time charge is P500 per hour.
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Please list down your chosen flavors and quantity here. (Format: "2 gallons Chocolate *next line* 1 gallon Vanilla" and so on) You may choose one (1) flavor per gallon. For example, if you choose 300 scoops, you can choose up to 10 individual flavors or any combination of flavors to reach 10 gallons.
Craft Your Own Ice Cream Mix-Ins
The mix-in list is on the information sheet. You may copy your flavor list above and indicate the mix-in you want to add beside the flavor name.
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Additional Toppings
Additional toppings are P200 good for 30 pax. Please format your answer as "Quantity x Topping" (Example: 2 x Chocolate Chips means chocolate chips good for 60 pax at P400)
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