WINTERmester 2020 Non-UAF Degree-Seeking Student Registration Form
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This site is to be used by students who are not pursuing a degree at UAF.

Registrations submitted at this site will be processed within two working days of submission.

Call Summer Sessions at 907-474-7021 with questions about this form.
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Students seeking Alaskan residency or a waiver of non-resident surcharge must complete an "Application for Resident Tuition” or “Waiver of Non-Resident Surcharge” and provide required documentation to the Office of Admissions before the published first day of instruction (UA Board of Regents Regulation R05.10.05).
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What about payment?
• Payment of tuition and fees for WINTERmester is due by January 2, 2020. Payment can be made at, in person at the UAF Office of the Bursar in Signers' Hall, or by calling the UAF Office of the Bursar at (907) 474-7384. Students receiving guaranteed financial aid for spring semester will have that applied to their student account without late payment penalty for their WINTERmester course.

• If you register for a class and decide not to attend the class you MUST drop the course or you will be responsible for the tuition and fees for that course. There is no drop for non-pay during the summer. No student bills are mailed from UAF.

You must agree to the following to register at UAF:

I understand I am responsible for all applicable UAF academic regulations, tuition and fees whether or not I successfully complete the course or courses in which I am enrolling.
I promise to pay attorney's fees and other collection costs, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 40% of the debt, necessary for the collection of any amounts owed UA. This promissory note is due and payable on the deadline for fee payment stated above. If I do not pay, the university may take my Permanent Fund Dividend under Alaska Statutes 14.40.251 and 43.24.073.
You must acknowledge and agree to the above information to register for this course at UAF. *
Before you submit this online registration form
Double-check your work, then print a copy of this completed form for your records.

When you select the 'submit' button below, your completed form will be sent to UAF Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning and will be processed within two business days. A confirmation of submission will appear on your computer screen but you will need to scroll to the top of the page to read it.

You should receive an email once you are officially enrolled. If you do not receive one within two business days, contact Summer Sessions (via email at or by phone at 907-474-7021) to verify your registration.

NOTE: A printed copy of this online form will not work as a WINTERmester registration form. If you would like to submit your registration on paper, you must use the In-Person Registration form available at:
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