2021 Alpine Camp Father-Son Registration Form
We currently have a waiting list for our August 2021 Father-Son weekend. We strongly encourage all dads to apply as spots may become available at a later date.

Alpine Camp 2021 Father-Son registration is $620 for a father and one son. An additional $270 is due for each additional son. Deposit amount is $250 for a father and one son, and $125 for each additional son. After August 1, the full amount is due with registration.
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Your son's current grade in school (school year 2020-2021). Please note that most boys attending will span from K - 6th grade. Older boys are always welcome!
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Multiple Sons
If you are bringing more than one son, list name, birth date and current grade of each additional son who will be attending. Please remember to list your son's grade for the 2020-2021 school year.
Second Son - First Name
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General Information
Please complete the information below to help us make your weekend a great one!
Are there any dietary or other medical conditions that will require special attention for the weekend? *
If 'Yes', list participant's name, explain the condition and how we can help.
If dietary allergy, is there a risk of anaphylaxis?
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Cabin Mate Request
Please list any known participants you wish to share a cabin with. Alpine Camp Staff works to honor cabin requests however requests are not guaranteed.
Father-Son Terms & Conditions
I understand that the Father-Son fee is $620 for a father and one son and $270 for each additional son from the same family. A $250.00 deposit for a father and one son, with an additional $125 deposit due for each 2nd, 3rd and 4th son with my registration. Deposits must be received within 30 days of registration. This deposit is refundable until August 1 for the Summer Father-Son Session (August 28-30). Final payment for both August Father-Son Sessions is due August 1. I grant permission for Alpine Camp to use my and my child’s likeness on the Camp website and in other Camp promotions. I understand it is the responsibility of father and son to become familiar with all the activities and programs offered by Alpine Camp for Boys at the Father-Son Session. I understand that my and my child's participation at Alpine Camp for Boys and in any activity is completely voluntary. I further recognize that there are hazards and dangers inherent in camp events and programs, and although Alpine Camp has taken measures to minimize the risk of injury to camp participants, it cannot guarantee that the participants, equipment, premises and/or activities will be free of hazards, accidents and/or injuries. I understand that though Alpine Camp has taken reasonable steps to mitigate community spread of germs, it does not guarantee that participants will avoid contracting any communicable disease. I further recognize and have instructed my child in the importance of knowing and abiding by the camp's rules, regulations, and procedures for the safety of camp participants. I also understand that unlike summer camp sessions, limited medical personnel and supplies will be on-site for Father-Son Sessions. I agree that it is my responsibility to make all decisions regarding the health and welfare of my son and me, including securing proper treatment for any injuries or medical emergencies. I understand that any incidental charges, including medical bills for any accident, illness, or medications will be my responsibility. I agree that any dispute between Alpine Camp for Boys, its owners, officers, directors, employees, contractors, volunteers and me shall be governed by the substantive laws of the State of Alabama, and that any mediation or suit initiated for me and/or on behalf of my minor child named above shall occur or be filed in DeKalb County, Alabama.
Father-Son Terms & Conditions Approval *
Payment Information
Payment must be received within 30 days of registration to be valid for all Father-Son Sessions. We cannot guarantee your spot without your payment. If you have any questions, please call our office at 256-634-4404 or email Monique at summer@alpinecamp.com.
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