ElysiumRP: Staff Application
Elysium has historically handled moderator applications via the forum. However, this allows the risk of personal information to be made public knowledge. In order to protect our players, the staff team has decided to use Google Forms for future application purposes.

Note: We currently do not plan on having the forums back online until we have finished this staff recruitment push.

The change to using form-based applications also means that it gives everyone a chance to show us that you're still interested in supporting the staff team!

What is the Elysium Staff team?
The Elysium Staff team consists of several moderators and admins who are volunteer workers for Elysium. They enforce the rules of the server and handle player submitted reports. There are many responsibilities for a staff team member which include; grief reports, moderating chats, approving lore, and more. Our goal is to make Elysium an enjoyable place for people to come together to roleplay, chat, build, and make new friends.
Before you apply
Elysium Staff expect the following of their team members;
Our team values respect of its members and of Elysium's players and community.
This is another key value to our team. We want individuals who are honest.
A staff member should be able to have some level of maturity in order to handle reports and situations regarding the server.
-Team player-
The staff team is meant to be just that; a team. We work together and have discussions as a team unit.
It is difficult to be completely devoid of all bias, however, we ask that our staff consider what their bias may be and work to eliminate it when handling reports.
We want staff members who are dedicated to the betterment of Elysium and will actively work toward making the server a safe, fun, and enjoyable place for our players to come to.
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How active are you on the server? How many hours per day do you log on, or days per week? *
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How can we best contact you? ( Please enter your Skype and/or Discord ) *
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Why should we choose you as a moderator? (Do you have any past experience) *
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Do you often roleplay? (This may not be necessary for the role given to you, but is important information for us)
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If you have had previous warnings/bans in the past, write in your own words why we should still consider you:
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