Surf Beach & Boardwalk Designed w/our Families In Mind.
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This is an example of what we are working on:
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Have you seen the video of the surf ranch?
There are 35 million surfers in the world looking for waves on their days off. Mother nature is not predictable but Southwest Surf Ranch Waves are. It is estimated that 125,000 surfers will travel to our surf ranch specifically for surfing in its first year. This means millions of dollars spent in our town, on our businesses. This means more jobs. This means more opportunity for all of us.
Southwest Surf Ranch will donate a percentage of profits to organizations supporting our community. What community organizations do you value and think they could use/want our help? *
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Have you ever surfed before?
Where would you prefer to surf or learn to surf?
Imagine a man-made beach, clear blue waves, volleyball courts, beach soccer, cabanas, watch surfers on the waves, vendors, skate park, artists/musicians performing, food trucks, ice cold beer, and 2-3 acres of wading in the "ocean". Think : Venice Beach but in our town. What's a fair price for admission?
How Much Would You Pay to Learn to Surf? [1 hr lesson includes: Beach Admission for the day, Surfboard, Instructor, 50 minute lesson]
Would you like to see/go to professional surf contests in our/your town?
Would you be excited about, or like, having a professional surf team in our town? A team that travels world-wide representing our city, with individuals competing in surf contests. Other teams would come here to surf against our surf team. *
OKAY, what would you rather have:
Where would you like to see an idea like the Surf Ranch happen?
We want to have surfing as a PE credit for high school kids - just like soccer, football, or swimming, track. Eventually, have UIL contests. Maybe one day a world champion will come from the Border Region. *
What's your zip code?
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What Gender Do You Consider Yourself? (stupid marketing question)
Do You Have Children?
Merch will soon be up for sale (soft, made in the USA, vintage style). What would you pay?
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SW Surf Ranch hats -
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This project can belong to all of us. You can be an investor for only $400 and have a free surf session for you and a companion, 2x a year, for life!
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