Breakfast Special Update
Breakfast Special is starting to update and get more focused. We are looking for ideas on direction based on the theme for the pack. The theme is industrial, with no AE2, no Thermal Expansion, no IC2. It is going to be geared more towards sprawling factories and complex, intricate systems than compact "magic" blocks to do everything. The pack will remain a 1.7.10 pack for now, unless mods are released for 1.10.2 that make the pack keep the theme i have set for it.

1.7.10 modlist so far:
1.10.2 modlist so far:

The 1.10.2 modlist is tentative as it still needs additions. Please provide any you may find that would fit this theme.

What mods would you like to see, keeping in mind the theme of the pack?
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"Goals" for the pack are being thought of. What would you like to see for the pack?
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