Reward DAO
You've been rewarded point through the Giveth Reward DAO!! We understand that not everyone wants to play on our Wall of give us your information here (It will be kept private) and we will create a milestone in our Reward DAO campaign and send you the ETH you were rewarded! You can read more about our Reward DAO process here:
Let us know who's getting rewarded with your Riot/Slack handle *
We need to be able to send you the reward....what is your ETH address? *
Who is the Giveth unicorn that dished you points?
Tell us a little bit about yourself; ie. why you were dished points, what is it about Giveth that you love, what are you most excited to contribute to??? *
One last question to help us make the Reward DAO better - what is the reason you don't want to share on the Wall of Fame, please?
Send us an image, picture, video or audio clip that will be saved with your Reward DAO milestone
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