Workplace Organization
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Why WO is applied: because workplaces, materials and equipment are often downgraded, dirty and untidyand because product quality is obtained with too many inspections and reworking. *
Improve production efficiency and productivity: restoring and maintaining basic conditions, eliminating non-value added activities and operators involvement in something to perused by WO. *
This is responsibility of Industrial engineers only: setting up of the teams, training and preparation for the activity, elimination of everything that is not necessary, tidying and cleaning, definition and application of maintenance cycles, analysis and elimination of non-value added activities, improvement of work cycles and of product quality through development of operators’ skills *
The outcome of the WO pillar is to: elimination of labor and material losses, improvement of product quality through application of a sturdy, error-proof process, improvement of productivity and process costs reduction, ergonomics and safety on the job and improvement of climate, motivation and proactiveness. *
At step 1 initial cleaning is the first thing to do? *
Product education to the team members is conducted on step 3? *
NVAA less than 30% and UB less than 10% in one of the must important KPI's? *
The sequence to attack is muda, mura and then muri at step 2? *
Ergo analysis is important to be attacked with Safety pillar as well? *
Golden and strike zone is gives one of the highest levels of productivity on the organization when is achieved? *
Mura describe the variability of the process and we need to eliminated or reduced or controlled to certain limits? *
Muda represents all kind of waste on the process. *
Occurrence and release is a reactive tool? *
Quality gate is a preventive tool *
When error and mistake proofing is implemented on the process Human errors increase? *
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