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At VoxBody Studio, we operate with the understanding that risk is inherent in rope, both physically and emotionally. We believe that there is really no such thing as a ‘safe space’ but that there can be valiant efforts at creating ‘safer spaces’, and that this will always be a work-in-progress, not a set-status. We observe that there are power dynamics at play in a studio environment between owner and attendees, in a classroom setting between teacher and students, and between the perceived social status of guest presenters/performers and the people who pay hard-earned money to learn from them and view their work. We understand that giving feedback or approaching a person in a perceived position of power with an issue concerning a class, a teacher, a performer, another studio attendee, the studio owner, or the studio itself, can be intimidating or feel unsafe, or like it won’t be helpful. We agree that the represented inclusivity and intersectionality of a space across racial, ethnic and gender identities and sexual orientations, or lack thereof, can greatly affect how safe any one person feels to step forward with their particular feedback, concern, questions, experience.

With all this in mind, VoxBody Studio believes itself to be a work-in-progress and wishes to do what it can to encourage feedback and discourse that will help us all grow as a community. This Google form is one way.

* You may submit this form anonymously or include contact info.
* You can use this form to share feedback (positive, negative, or constructive, concerns or questions), request a response, or request a dialogue with/response from any involved parties. We will not respond, nor share information here with any involved parties, unless you request it.
*VoxBody commits to receiving information shared here with as little judgement and defensiveness as possible, and as unbiased as possible. We are here to support you in sharing your feedback and, if there has been an issue, to work to provide a solution.
*We are grateful for your voice.

If this feedback is concerning a specific event or class, please note that here with as many details (date or class name) as possible.
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