Cultural Competence in Computing (3C) Assessment-Implementation
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This section will allow us to create the appropriate number of links for collecting your data. Note: There are two separate assessments available (faculty/staff and students). Demographic information (race, gender, classification, major, and institution type) is collected for student responses. Only institution type is collected for faculty (i.e., no race or gender data is collected).
Semester you would like to begin data collection (Note: If interested in the spring 2021 semester, then these will be prioritized so that you can distribute them ASAP, as the semester begins for many of us). *
Please list how you'd like data collected (which will correspond to a separate participation link for each). For example, if it's across different courses, then list each course (e.g., CS 101, 201, 330). If you're interested in collecting across multiple departments, then list each (e.g., CS, ECE). If it's across a single department, then please just specify "department." If you're interested in the assessment for faculty/staff, then please also note "faculty/staff." This will allow for separate assessments and results by group. *
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