River Tree Arts Presents The 6th Annual 100 x 100 Fundraiser
Call For Artists + Donations

If you would like to participate in this year's 6th Annual 100 x 100 Fundraiser event, please complete this form.

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We ask that all participating artists donate one piece, but we are able to take up to a maximum of three pieces per artists, if they desire to donate more than one. Please indicate below how many pieces you intend to donate to this year's 100 x 100 event.
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Donation Mediums
As the vast majority of donations to the 100 X 100 Fundraiser are generally paintings, River Tree Arts provides 10" x 10" board for artists to use for their submissions. We also understand that artists that work in other mediums may not have a use or need for the 10" x 10" boards - in this case we ask that artists keep their donations to the equivalent in their medium.

Examples would be 10" x 10" photographs, small-to-medium ceramics works, small jewelry pieces, etc.

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If you answered no to the above question, please specify what medium your donation will be in:
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