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Trial classes are for first time students only. The trial class fee is $300 & includes same-day playroom access. This can be paid by cash or EPS on arrival on the day. Trial classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Term Enrollments are given priority. Therefore, if a new enrollment occupies the last space in the class, the most recently booked Trial Client will be contacted via email and offered an alternative day and time for the previously confirmed class (a minimum of 24hrs notice will be offered). Availability for a trial class does not guarantee availability in that slot for the duration of the term.
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Photography/videography consent: Baumhaus may take photos/videos during class so that we can capture the joy on your child’s face, which you may not be able see at the time. Such footage may be sent to class participants to share our passion for music and child development. On occasion, said items may be used for promotional purposes. *
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 Upon receipt of this request, Admissions will inform you of current availability via email.
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